What is Magento? Features and amenities of Magento store builder

What is Magento? Features and Amenities of Magento Store Builder

In the first step, we want to know What is Magento and what facilities does it have and what is its usage. Magento ecommerce is an e-commerce platform that is one of the most advanced and the most popular online builder store in the world.

Maybe it’s a little hard for understanding how can set up a site or online store with the software but don’t worry because you can find out the answer in this article.

What is Magento ecommerce ?

Now we want to answer the question that

what is Magento ecommerce ? As we said Magento is an e-commerce platform and one of the best Store Builders. Magento ecommerce is designed with PHP programming language and helps the programmer to set up the best and most equipped site or online store in the shortest time.

What is Magento? Features and amenities of Magento store builder
What is Magento? Features and amenities of Magento store builder

Magento Store Builder has two versions:  free(community) and purchasable (enterprise). The free version is completely free for users but has to be paid for the purchasable version. The advantage of the purchased version of Magento is that it has a lot of features for its users.

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why Magento?

Are you looking for a fast, flexible and comprehensive eCommerce platform? We recommend you Magento. May you ask why Magento ecommerce ? the interesting point is that Magento is an open-source platform that provides all features that you need for your eCommerce website.

Magento is a comprehensive store builder. there is no difference whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler, with Magento, you can sell from a few products to tens of thousands of products. As you know, today time is too important and the majority of people are so busy.

With Magento, your customers don’t need to wait when they are having a lot of online shopping. Speed is the main feature of Magento. Your customers can do a lot of shopping in a minimum of time without any pause.

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The Magento community is huge and useful, you do not need to be an expert to use Magento, with the basic knowledge you can manage your store and become a professional in this field over time.

Magento has a variety of extensions and themes so a lot of online big stores use this platform.

What is Magento ecommerce used for?

Magento is an eCommerce platform that is written with PHP (open source) program language. This open-source platform helps programmers to build an online store easily.

Magento ecommerce history

In August 2007, a beta version of Magento was released by Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner. The Enterprise version was published in 2009.

In 2010, Magento Store Builder Mobile App was launched and the total stocks of Magento were purchased by eBay company.

Magento ecommerce history
Magento ecommerce history

Magento 2 version was launched in November 2015 and at the same time, Permira took ownership of Magento. The name of Community and Enterprise changed to Magento Open Source and Magento Enterprise in 2017.

Adobe company Took ownership of Magento in 2018 and released versions 2 and 3 of Magento late that year.

If you want to know more about the answer to the question, “what is Magento ecommerce ” stay with us until the end of the article.

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Magento e-commerce features

One of the best features of Magento Store Builder is the support of online store requirements; this means, if you want to add an extension to your Magento Online Store, Magento has the ability to support it and the manager is able to develop and expand the online store.

  • It is suitable for different types of sites and Online Stores

Being suitable for different types of sites and Online Stores is another feature of Magento ecommerce. For example, Magento can be installed on an online store of industrial tools or cosmetics and that can have the best function.

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  • Follow the principles of SEO in Magento ecommerce

You should know SEO is too important for managers and online store owners. SEO is one of the biggest factors for being successful in sites and online stores. Fortunately, Magento has the ability to SEO and this advantage caused Magento to have a lot of fans all over the world.

So if someone asked you what is Magento and what are its features? first of all, tell them about the SEO of Magento because Magento SEO is very valuable.

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  • Ability to manage multiple stores

The ability to manage several sites together is another feature of Magento. This feature has attracted much attention from outstanding people in the internet business. You can manage multiple sites simultaneously and online stores with one admin panel without any problems.

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Other Magento ecommerce features

Magento has many abilities for developing and improving your store, which we briefly explain in the following.

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What is Magento? Features and amenities of Magento store builder
What is Magento  Features and amenities of Magento store builder
  • Supports most languages

One of the great features of Magento e-commerce is that it supports different languages. In fact, if you want to design a store site, you can have an international connection using Magento. This means that you can have a site or an online store in several different languages. The way it works is that Magento detects and translates the language for each customer of the store based on their local IPs

  • Support for different currencies in Magento e-commerce

Magento has the ability to support multiple currencies, for example, supports currencies such as Euros, Dollars, Pounds, etc. which means you can do your business out of the country.

  • Settlement, payment, and send

Magento has good ways to send and Settlement. Most of the customers who have bought from Magento stores were very satisfied with the products sent. This is because Magento stores have cool ways to send the product.

  • Continuous shopping or stable shopping cart

One of the other abilities of Magento is a stable shopping cart. The efficiency of a stable shopping cart in the Magento e-commerce store is such that the customer selects the required product and puts it in the shopping cart. When the buyer relinquishes the product he has chosen, the selected product will still be in the cart.

  • Magento e-commerce Wish list 

The wish list is another feature for Magento. Customers are able to save their desired product on their wish list. Also, they can make public the wish list to be searchable for other users. Online store owners can review and find these lists to have awareness of their customer’s wishes and needs.

  • Ability to group customers

The customer grouping feature is widely used and important in Magento. When customers buy from you in bulk, you may want to give them more discounts. You can divide your customers into two categories, wholesale and retail. You can also customize your products so that some of them can only be sold in retail or wholesale.

  • Magento e-commerce high-performance speed

Magento Store Builder has a high-performance speed due to its extraordinary capabilities. This advantage causes, the online store managers to be satisfied with Magento ecommerce. When they compare Magento with other Store Builders, they understand Magento is more useful due to the higher speed and fast loading of pages.

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  • Magento e-commerce costs

Magento is a powerful platform for online stores, but it has costs, especially if you want to add extend the store and add your desired possibilities to it. We can’t determine a definitive price for adding the extensions to the store, because store costs depend on the possibilities and options that you use.

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  • Magento e-commerce site and store security

One of the biggest fears and stresses of online shops owners is hacking the site. If the online shop is hacked, all store wealth will be in danger. You should know Magento never fuel up against cyber-attacks or hackers and its only reason is having great features. So we recommend you use Magento for your online shop.

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Site is hacking is One of the biggest fears and stresses of online shops owners. If the online shop is hacked, all store wealth will be in danger. You should know Magento ecommerce has never failed against cyber-attacks or hackers and its only reason is having great security. So we recommend you use Magento for your online shop.

Magento Extensions of  WeGento site

Extension or extension is an Installable section on Magento ecommerce that changes the performance of the online shop and creates a new feature on the Magento store. WeGento site with creating several Extensions has localized Magento, and also made changes in Magento performance according to customer needs. In most cases, WeGento site has designed variates Extensions according to customer needs as well.

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How many products does Magento ecommerce support?

In Magento2 you can safely manage 100,000 products and you can enter 500,000 products with having a suitable server and a suitable Optimization.

Is it possible to implement a Marketplace in Magento ecommerce?

Yes, it is possible in Magento and you can set up all kinds of Marketplaces including B2B, B2C, and C2C.

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How does Magento eCommerce support?

You can use the support service of Magento that provide on the Wegento site and use our supports time packages as well. These supports are including minor changes, changes in Extensions, bug fixes, and so on.

What is the speed of loading in Magento eCommerce?

The speed of loading in Magento is depended on these cases such as enabling cache, optimizing images, inactivating extra Extensions, merging CSS and JS files, so on. You can decrease the loading speed of pages to less than 3 seconds by optimizing the server and these cases.

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What are the differences between Magento1 and Magento2?

Support for Magento 1 has officially stopped. You can see the new changes in Magento 2 architecture such as a change of appearance dashboard, easy installation, more clean codes, and, an increase in speed.

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Is it possible to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

Yes, most of the online stores are moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2. If you can’t do this, our team can do that without losing your store information in the best way.

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Where can we get Magento Extensions?

Wegento shop is the most authoritative market and specialized Extensions store, services, and templates for Magento. All products on WeGento site have special support, regular updates, and free installation tutorial.

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What is Magento eCommerce used for?

Magento is an eCommerce platform that is written with PHP (open source) program language. This open-source platform helps programmers to build an online store easily.

What is Magento e-commerce and how does it work?

Magento is a free store builder that helps you create the most complete store in the shortest time possible.

Why is Magento bad?

Magento’s structure is big and complex. Most people have this issue that Magento is hard because needs Expertise and time.

Is Magento easy to learn?

As you know everything needs time and effort. If you be steady step and have Perseverance, be sure you will be successful. The first thing to learn Magento is knowing PHP programming language.

Is Magento worth learning?

Yes, Magento with having features like High Tech Safety, Point of Sale solutions, Hosting, Integration of Payments, and so on helps you develop your business and sell the products online.
It has more features and customizations compared to other store builders.

For example, you can have on your online store a variety of products including Downloadable products, Config products, Virtual products, and Sample products. Also, you can add to the online shop Custom products more than Magento.

Is Magento a CRM?

No, Magento is a CMS use for more than 240000 online stores and it is really popular.

Is Magento front end or back end?

The front-end is the part of a site that any customer can see, and Back-end is the part of the site that is managed by the admin, so it can be said that Magento is Front-end and Back-end.

Which is better WordPress or Magento?

Both are great, WordPress is suitable for mid-sized sites, but Magento is great for mid-sized and high-end stores. With Magento, you can upload thousands of products on the site. Also, Magento is faster than WordPress sites. There are Extensions to increase performance for both of them.

Magento is an eCommerce platform that Is written with PHP (open source) program language. This open-source platform helps programmers to build an online store easily.

Anyone that be interested in Magento can learn it. For doing that you can study articles about Magento, refer to our site or watch YouTube videos.

Magento offers its software for free because it is open source. But you have to cost to launch and maintain the site.

Magento needs experts with a high knowledge to offer a great product, so we can say developing Magento is expensive.

It Depends on your online store is small or big and what amenities do your store need. If you have a big business you will have more costs, but if you run a small business, may you have cost $22000 in a year.

Magento is a big and complex eCommerce platform open source. You can use it without writing codes, but if you need to add a feature or anything else, there is coding. In this situation, if you don’t know PHP, you will need a programmer.

If you have programming knowledge, it does not take much time, it may take a month to get acquainted with how it works, depends on your interest in Magento and PHP programming language.

Magento is written with the PHP programming language.


After reading this article, we get the result that anyone who decides to launch an online shop and expects to have cool feedback will use Magento ecommerce Without a doubt and we have described what is Magento . Because Magento store has unique features and possibilities and the stores designed with it have a lot of revenue.