Design a special Magento template

Design The Best Magento Custom Template

One of the most important works for personalizing a Magento store builder is designing a Magento custom template.

You may ask yourself “why do we have to design a special Magento Template and pay more cost while there are ready-made or free templates?” To find the best answers stay with us until the end of the article. 

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Have a Magento Template Custom that fits your business

Most of the ready templates of Magento are repetitive and have the same shape. This issue causes most Magento websites to look similar.

In today’s world, many businesses are in competition with each other, so you need to have a Magento template Custom with a different design. Having a different design to fit your business helps you stay in the minds of your audience and your customers.

Have a Magento template that fits your business
Have a Magento template that fits your business

Design your Magento store template with your taste

You may like to add significant amenities to your site and make the purchasing process enjoyable for attracting more customers.

Maybe you can’t show these features in ready templates. For example, you may want to have a scoring system, a header footer with special features or add personal avatars.

Have a complete website with a Magento Custom Template

You can tell all your needs to your Magento template designer by designing a dedicated Magento online store. Your designer can add the requirements to your template and implement them in your template by default.

Have a complete website with a specific template
Have a complete website with a specific template

You can go step by step by designing a Magento Custom Template. Implement all the graphic design work of the template and create the features you want for your website in the template.

The custom template of your Magento store will be completely designed with your opinion and taste. You can implement all the appearance items that you want in the template graphics. This will help you to have a complete and perfect website that suits your taste.

Your Magento template reflects your brand personality

When a customer visits your online store for the first time, it is too important how your store and your brand seem for visitors. Your Magento website template should reflect the personality of your brand and be relevant to your field of activity and products.

Magento Custom Template design

By looking at the Amazon website, you can see that the theme and appearance of the company’s website are perfectly in line with the company’s brand. It conveys the same sense of beauty and simplicity to your mind.

Magento custom template
Magento custom template

So in designing a Magento Custom Template, you can also cover this issue and have a complete and perfect template according to your personality and brand.

Save time with Magento Custom Template design

One of the biggest drawbacks of ready-made Magento templates is that website owners have to spend a lot of time to find the part they are looking for; This wastes time and in most cases prevents them from making the necessary changes.

Magento custom template
Magento custom template

By designing the Magento Custom Template, you can have everything you need and eliminate extra features. A dedicated template helps you make the changes you want as quickly as possible and avoid wasting time. The design done in the templates is proprietary and there will be no similar one on the web.

Attractive graphic and brand matching

Another feature of the Magento Custom Template is its attractive and dazzling graphic that attracts each visitor. In addition, a done design will be according to your brand and the needs of your business.

Ability to add features after the end of the project


In the future, if the employer has a request to change or add a section to the website, this will be easily possible by the design team.

Magento Custom Template compatible with SEO

There are many codes in the ready-made template that aren’t useable and decrease the speed of loading pages. In the proprietary template, writing codes are so better and according to SEO law.

High security with Magento Custom Template

Security is another advantage of proprietary templates that gets by writing correct codes. In these templates, the security is more than the ready-made template.

Steps for designing a Magento Custom Template of the site

The first and most important step in designing a site template is to review the needs of the project. The needs of the project mean in what field the website is supposed to operate and what services it provides and what needs will be provided for the user.

Magento custom template
Magento custom template

This information will be documented with the customer’s requests in the form of a proposal and will be approved by the parties. The designers of the Wegento website will start the site design process based on the submitted proposal.


Content review

After reviewing the needs and receiving the requests of the employer, Wegento technical team suggests the best structure. The suggestion of our team includes text, images, a commercial logo, call information, a list, a sample of products, services, and corporate color.

The relevant project manager shares the ideas and results of the analysis with the client. If the parties approve, the implementation of the initial design will be entrusted to the design team.


The initial graphic design of the site (sketch) is the first step of the site design process. At this step, a preliminary design is made from all pages of the site including the main page, blog, and so on.

What the user is supposed to see is depicted, then the project manager and employer agree on the samples, and the main design starts.

Wegento site designs different pages of the site based on the sketch and observes all the criteria that you need for an ideal design.

Magento custom template
Magento custom template

Site coding

At this step, the Wegnto site is ready to get the final design and start the coding process based on that design. The codes of a site are like the skeleton of a building, so we try to write the best codes according to the last technologies and standards of the world web.

Magento Custom Template design

Wegento site team uses a combination of HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript, to write static code that a user sees and interacts with. The principled attention and high accuracy of the Wegento team to the user-friendly UI and providing the best UX has made the website output always in the most up-to-date and optimal mode possible.


Enter the basic information of the site

After completing the writing code of the site template, it begins entering the basic information of the site. In the data entry step, may be detected and corrected the bugs of the system by the Wegento team.

Design a special Magento template
Design a special Magento template

Reviewing and testing the site

In the review and testing phase, a sample hosting space is prepared and the site is fully available to the employer to work with as a manager and a user. The employer can share all their comments with the Wegento team.

There is a solution for you If you need to design a Magento Custom Template based on your brand, but can’t Implement it. You can use the Magento proprietary template which will be designed by the best designers of the Wegento site.

For doing that you just need to send us your requirements and we describe the steps of design for you. You can refer to the “Contact Us” part of the site to relate to our team.