What is SEO of Magento?

What is Magento SEO ?

Magento is one of the best store builders that we use to set up sites and online stores. The great benefits and features of Magento 2 store builder separate it from other store builders.

With Magento installation, the first thing you need for your store is to improve the store for the Google search engine.

In this article, we are going to talk about  Magento 2 SEO, which is one of the most important parts of setting up an online store. To know more information keep reading.

What is Magento SEO?

Magento SEO is a set of rules that must be followed in the sites or articles. By following these principles and rules, your site and articles appear in the best Google results.

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It’s better to know if your site or content gets the best rank on Google, which definitely attracts big traffic. In this section, we tell you several ways of Magento SEO, so you can have a lot of users on your website.

Magento SEO
Magento SEO


SEO benefits on sites

One of the factors that make your site the first one on the first page of Google is SEO. To get the best results on Google you need to SEO your site. By ranking the site in the best Google rankings, it will be more visible for users or visitors. As a result, if your site gets a lot of visitors, it will be one of the first sites on the first page of Google.

By repeating this process after a while, you will see a lot of visitors come to your site and it gets a lot of traffic daily. As mentioned Magento SEO is the best factor for ranking a site.

Magento SEO steps for your site or online store

Please stay with us until the end of this article to know more about the best SEO tips.

Search for your keywords

Pay more attention to the keywords that you choose for your website. One of the most important steps of Magento SEO is a keyword search. By choosing the most appropriate keyword, you can get the best SEO results. The main keyword is the word that most users have searched for. If you follow this process for all your content, you will definitely have a popular site. Two of the most tools to find keywords are:

  1. Keywords Everywhere
  2. KWFinder
Search for your keywords
Search for your keywords

Analyze your competitors

The next step in Magento SEO is to evaluate your competitors. For this, create a list of competing websites and write down everything they have done. First, find out what keywords they used and then find out how many words they wrote in their article.

Pay attention to What they did in their articles, such as internal links, photos, and videos, keywords, article structure, and analyze them in great detail.

After analyzing these, you should do more than what they have done for their articles. That means using better linking or putting better quality photos and videos in the article or using a more appropriate keyword.

To get more quality you can do this action better than your competitors by doing better linking, putting better quality photos and videos, and so on.

If you want to create a unique SEO strategy for your website, you have to know what is your competitor’s function and how they manage it. As you know their decisions can affect your site too.

Analyze your competitors
Analyze your competitors

Correct your product categories

After analyzing your competitors, researching keywords, and reviewing the website, you need to correct your site category. You should know site categories are very important for Google because this point can be extremely useful for SEO too.

One of the most important steps of Magento SEO is the correct category. Categories are very valuable to users and search engines, so you should spend a part of your time on this subject. Focus on the following points for modifying your store product category pages:

Correct your product categories
Correct your product categories

Categorization Name

You have to create a category with a name that describes your product. For example, when you have a shoe store you need to have several categories under the name Men’s shoes, Women’s shoes, and sports shoes and put every shoe in its own special category.

By categorizing products, shoppers can easily find the product they are looking for without wasting time.

Remember to write a helpful description for the products in the Categorization description section. Also, enter keywords in this section. However, make sure you will avoid duplicate keywords in product category descriptions.

Meta Description

The description you write in the meta section must be less than 160 characters. Also, this description should be written in a way that encourages users to come to the site.

That means you have to write interesting explanations in this section. You must enter your main keyword in the meta description.

Because this helps your site to be seen better in search results. Meta descriptions are also an important part of Magento SEO.

Optimize the title and URL of the category pages

If you have a page about colored t-shirts, your page URL should look like the following example:


Do not neglect to research to find the best keyword as a page title tag to get the best results. Your page should compete to get the top rankings by using the most searched terms by users.
Note the example above, the phrase (product-category) is the default name of the product category pages that you can change before setting up your online store.

Do not create duplicate categories

When you’re designing category pages, it is best to avoid using repetitive headings and similar URLs. For example, when you have a category under the name T-shirt, you don’t have to create another category called all T-shirts. Always try to make each page unique and optimized for a separate phrase.

Add Textual content to the categories pages

Adding textual content is the most important and easiest thing that is often ignored in the SEO of site pages. When you introduce the products on the category page without any textual content you have designed a page with copied content from other pages that includes some pictures, and it’s completely duplicated.

Some optimal descriptions with a few internal links and the main keywords make a better page for your website. Remember to add the keywords to the text as subtitles of h2 and h3 as you can.

Don’t use over many keywords in the text, it means writing content that shows your users are important to you. Try to write helpful content for your users because Google cares about UX user satisfaction factors more than anything else.

Optimize the pages to speed up your site

Another rule of Magento SEO is the speed of the site or the loading of the site. Site loading speed is one of the most important and key parts of the site that you should pay special attention to this part because a site that has a good loading speed will definitely have a lot more traffic.

Optimize pages to speed up your site
Optimize pages to speed up your site

In other words, sites that open in less than 3 seconds have more visitors than sites that open in more than 5 seconds. Because waiting for 5 or 6 seconds to open a page is really boring for users. They want to be loaded both the site and the pages of the site in less than three seconds.

Website optimization methods

In the following, we introduce the site optimization methods.

Compress product images

Another rule of Magento SEO is to compress the images of a product, compression means that when you add a product’s photo to your site or post a photo for content, you have to reduce the size of the photos with the exact tools.

The size of the photos should be reduced in a way that does not decrease their quality. If the quality of the photos is decreased, the customer will not be pleased.

Use full-screen cache

Another way to speed up the site is to prevent additional requests from being sent to the server. You can add a cache system to prevent additional requests to the server.

Compress code files

Try to compress JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files that are larger than 150 bytes by Gzip. Gzip is a highly effective method that can compress files’ size by up to 70%. Also try to delete blank lines between codes, delete comments, and summarize files as tightly as possible.

Use the Lazy Load Extension

If you have uploaded a large number of videos to your site and these videos have slowed down your site, it is best to use the Lazy Load extension. This tip is another rule of Magento SEO.

With the Lazy Load extension, instead of uploading the videos on the page, you will see a preview picture, because the videos are replaced with a clickable preview image and are uploaded only when the user has clicked on them. 

Reduce the number of redirects

Sometimes you face links that, after clicking on them, you automatically will redirect to a new page. This action is called redirect. Reducing redirects can speed up the site.

Unfollowing unnecessary links

Another way to upgrade the SEO of Magento is to add unfollow tags to the pages without content such as the registration page, log-in, purchase, favorites list, and other pages of this kind. There is currently no extension for doing that and you have to manually implement this in the Magento template file.

Canonical URL

When you have two articles with the same keyword, Google can’t understand which one is the main article. you can use a canonical tag to specify the main article.

XML Sitemap

The XML sitemap is essential for any site. Sitemap introduces your site to Google better and sooner. It doesn’t help to rank, but it is extremely effective in indexing pages faster.
You can determine the name of the sitemap and its path by using this path Catalog => Google Sitemap => Add Sitemap. Then click the Save & Generate option.

XML sitemap
XML sitemap

Remove extra code

Separate all of the JavaScript and CSS code that is in the template and save each of them in a separate file. You can use those files When you need them.
With separating files, the page’s code becomes more regular also browsers load them first.

When the browsers need these files call them from the cache. Many search engines don’t care about these files and will not download them at all.

What is the effect of heading on Magento SEO?

The heading is used to separate the titles from the rest content of the page. Heading tags are shown by the letter H. These tags started from 1 to 6 and each has its own use. The most important tag is H1 and the least valuable tag is H6 which is used rarely.

Be careful about using the tags in the structure of the headings and use the tags in order. For example, don’t use the H3 tag after the H1 tag. This issue harms the SEO of the site.

What is the effect of heading on Magento SEO?
What is the effect of heading on Magento SEO?

SEO and optimization of Magento products

One of the rules of Magento SEO is image optimization. Be sure that the names of the files should be matched with the product title and put the Alt tag for all images. This will increase the likelihood of attracting traffic from image search engines.
After adding a picture to your content, if you don’t determine a name for the picture, by default the image’s name is changed to the product title.

This process is repeated for the alt tag too. You have to select the appropriate names for each image and write the Alt tag for each one. In the Images tab, you can apply all these changes.

Avoid duplicate content

Normally No index tag on a site is used for preventing duplicate content errors. When more than one copy of a page on a site is indexed by search engines, it creates duplicate content on the site, and this issue decreases the rank of the site.

Poor content not being indexed

Some pages of a site have no benefit for indexing. These pages don’t have good information for users and basically don’t contain a specific keyword, like the “Thank you” page which is displayed after purchasing or downloading a product. The purpose of designing these types of pages is simply to establish a friendly relationship with the users and visitors of the site, not to gain rankings.

To conclusion

In this article, we have introduced Magento SEO methods and Google ranking methods. As a result, we can say Magento SEO is extremely important if you have a site or online store, you can apply these methods. By implementing these methods, you will get great results in the not-too-distant future.