What is a Magento Extensions

What is a Magento Extension?

What is a Magento Extension? An extension is a part of a system that includes blocks, controllers, helpers, and models that follows a specific purpose. Magento Extensions are pieces of code produced by different companies that work together to execute the ultimate goal of the system.

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What is a Magento extension?

What is a Magento Extension? Magento Extensions and themes are used for customizing the site. Extensions support the commercial features by logic, while themes absolutely affect user experience and site appearance. Both of them have a specific cycle of time and need to update. Developers are believing that Extensions are the center unit of Magento.

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The purpose of installing an Extension

Installing an extension helps the site to show the specific features of products and expand the other extensions’ functions. Each Magento extension has been designed to an independent performance, so eliminating or adding a special extension doesn’t affect other extensions.

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The components of a extensions

An extension contains PHP and XML files, which each of them is linked to a specific business attribute. The software components of the extension are libraries, themes, and language packs.

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Extensions location

Magento 2 extensions usually are grouped in the vendor directory. This directory is used during the composer package management installation. Because the recommended way to install extensions in Magento 2 is the composer package manager.

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What is Magento 2 extension?

Magento 2 extension is an independent component or a set of components that offers business features and logic. Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform and modular application. Its best feature is that supports modularity, which means all functionality is implemented and delivered by extensions. In fact, an extension and a plugin are the same things.

On one hand, an extension can be a complex collection of features; and on the other hand, can be a small feature, for example, it can add a symbol to a product page.

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How to create an extension in Magento 2?

Actually, this step needs programming knowledge, so we just refer to the steps of creating extensions.

Create the extension folder.
Create the etc/extensions.xml file.
Create the registration.php file.
Run the bin/Magento setup: upgrade script to install the new extension.
Check if the extensions are working.

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We hope that you found the answer to this question that asks “What is a Magento extension?” Magento has great features and functions, but if you need more than this you can install the Magento extensions to expand and progress your site.
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