Download Magento

Download Magento

Many versions of the Magento Store Builder are available, so it is often difficult to find the desired version and it is not easy to download. For this reason, in this article, we put new and old versions of Magento so you can download and use them easily.

Note that free versions of Magento are included in this section. You can see the list of all free versions released and download magento your required version if needed.

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Get ready to download Magento

Note that to use Magento you must first make sure that:

  • Your system has the required requirements.
  • Take the necessary steps before downloading.
  • You have set up ownership and pre-installation permissions.

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Install sample data

The sample data in the third column of the table below is for setting up a sample store using the Luma template which allows you to see how Magento works, even if you don’t have registered a product and don’t have inventory yet; so if you want to use a pre-built sample store, you must download magento 2 and install this data.

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You can use the following two methods to install this data sample:

  • Composer installer
  • Cloning repositories

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Magento versionNew features and changes to MagentoMagento 2 download link
Magento 2.4.4The latest version of Magento Store Builder


Magento Gate Hub link version 2.4.4
Magento 2.4 


Magento Gate Hub link version 2.4
Magento 2.3.525 security updates

Set up PWA capability

Integration and cloud interaction and B2B store

Support for Elastic Search 7.5

Magento Store Page Builder Update Version 2.3.5

 Amazon sales channel

Google Shopping Ads Channel

End Support for a number of payment methods such as Worldpay,, CyberSource, Way

Improved more than 25 security issues related to vulnerabilities against RCE and XSS attacks

Remove Session ID from URLs

Fixed security issues detected in the previous version of Magento 

Link to Magento Gate Hub version 2.3.5
Magento 2.3.4 

Enhance framework and improve performance

No custom layout updates

Include 30 security enhancements

Improve core quality with 250 enhancements

Adobe Stock image galleries are integrated

Enhance inventory management: decrease memory usage; resolve a performance issue and many quality issues

Magento Gateway Link Version 2.3.4
Magento 2.3.3Substantial security enhancements: 75 security enhancements, PSD2 compliance for core payment methods

Platform upgrades: support PHP 7.3.x & PHP 7.2.x, Varnish 6.2.0, etc.

Performance boosts: disable automatic URL rewrite, improve page load speeds, the loading of category, configurable product, home, and checkout pages

Infrastructure improvements: upgrade WYSIWYG editor to TinyMCE v. 4.9.5

Merchant tool enhancements: allow admin usage data collection

Inventory Management enhancements

Expand GraphQL functionality

PWA Studio 4.0.0

Available Google Shopping Ads Channel Marketplace

Magento Shipping: improve batch-order processing, carrier integration, shipping method preview; support bundled products and prepackage options

Vendor-developed extension enhancements: Amazon Pay, dotdigital, Klarna, Vertex, Yotp

Magento Gateway Link Version 2.3.3

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