The Ways to Optimize Magento 2 Checkout Process

The Ways to Optimize Magento Checkout Process

Imagine all the sales if your customers did not leave their shopping cart and complete their purchases. Abandoned shopping carts are perhaps the most painful problem that online stores are facing.

According to statistics the global abandonment rate or the average of online shopping carts in 2019 was more than 50 percent.

Have you ever wondered why customers or users show such a reaction and leave their shopping cart? Do you do the same? There are no specific instructions to prevent this, however, you can optimize your payment through The Ways to Optimize Magento Checkout Process listed below and see how your conversion rate improves.

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Eliminate mandatory registration to optimize the payment page

You also agree that registration forms are very time-consuming and since we are always in a hurry or lazy, we do not fill out the registration form at the Magento checkout process and leave it.

The main reason for leaving the cart is the registration forms at the payment stage, which you can easily solve in Magento 2, and positive changes will happen in your conversion rate and will optimize your payment page.

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To communicate more with your customers, collect their emails during the settlement and ask permission for them to send marketing emails.

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In addition, after completing the settlement, offer the customer to create an account to receive more discounts. These are just a few of the many solutions you can do. So please be creative!


Make the checkout process easy and smooth

In the 21st century, you have to simplify the checkout process of your store or design it to look easy. One way to do this is to pay in one step, which you can implement on your Magento 2 store.

This makes the checkout process easy, especially for mobile users. Notice that you do not put many fields to fill out on the store checkout page and have an optimized payment process.

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Eliminate distractions to optimize the Magento checkout process

Finally, your customer has decided and reached the checkout section. Trust me, this is where you need to focus 120% on this page so that your customers can skip this step and not leave it.

So on this page, remove all the factors that distract your users, such as appearing a sudden pop-ups. You can delete menus and anything that distracts your customer. Keep these points in your mind to optimize the payment page.


Everyone hates extra costs

Extra costs are the main reason why your customers leave the shopping cart and they leave your store and will most likely never return.

Everyone can’t offer free shipping, but the fact that there are stores that can do this is a warning to you.

It is recommended to show costs such as taxes along with the price of the product. Implement delivery costs near the product so that your customers can see the available shipping methods and choose the option that suits them.


Offer a variety of payment methods

You need to let your customers choose their payment method. Make sure you provide the most common payment methods, such as credit cards, cash, PayPal, and more.

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Stop losing your customer and try the mentioned Ways to Optimize Magento Checkout Process. Compare pre- and post-optimization results and we will be happy to share them with us. If you have any questions about how to optimize your payment, please contact our team.