Magento vs Shopify

Magento vs Shopify

In this article, we want to tell you what is the difference between Magento and Shopify as eCommerce platforms. There are a lot of eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, PrestaShop, Open Card, etc. We are going to compare the most popular eCommerce platforms “ Magento vs Shopify “ each other. These two platforms are the most popular among other platforms.

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Magento or Shopify? Which one do I have to choose?

If you are setting up your online store maybe you ask which eCommerce platform is the best selection for your online store? As you know The best selection between eCommerce platforms is very important, actually it depends on your goals, budget, and your business.

Most of the people who engage with eCommerce, don’t know which one is the best selection for their online store. Do not worry, we tell you which one is the best selection for your business.



Shopify is a free store builder which gives you access to control of HTML and CSS codes. Shopify is usually used by beginners. This eCommerce platform is so easy to use, and Shopify is called user-friendly, which means You don’t need to be an expert to work with Shopify.

The Shopify community is too large and helpful, it can be utilized by someone who isn’t a developer. Shopify has a variety of beautiful responsive themes to make a beautiful appearance for your website. You can customize your online store easily with Shopify. Shopify offers a lot of themes and website templates.

Some benefits of using Shopify

  • Shopify has a lot of beautiful responsive themes to choose
  • Shopify is easy to use
  • Shopify is a comprehensive eCommerce builder
  • Shopify has a lot of payment options
  • Shopify supports customers pretty well
  • Shopify supports a few products
  • Automatic analysis
  • Discount codes
  • ECommerce optimization


Magento is an open-source platform that is the best way to set up a big online store. Magento is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms. More than 250,000 online stores from small stores to big universal businesses like “Coca-Cola” use this platform. Magento is the most popular platform for eCommerce.

With Magento, you can create an online store in a minimum of time. Magento supports some popular payment gateways such as Stripe, Braintree, WePay, Google checkout, etc.

Magento is comprehensive, with this platform you can sell from a few products to tens of thousands of products. Speed is the main feature of Magento.

As you know, today time is of the essence and the majority of people are so busy. With Magento, your customers can do a lot of shopping in a minimum of time without any pause.

Some benefits of using Magento:

  • Magento is an open-source technology.
  • Speed is the main feature of Magento.
  • Magento has a variety of themes and extensions.
  • You can install the Magento platform easily.
  • Magento offers flexible and scalable eCommerce solutions.
  • Magento is a very useful and affordable program.
  • With Magento, you will have a lot of payment gateways.
  • Magento offers some special discounts during purchase.

Magento vs Shopify: Pros and Cons


Magento is a free and open-source technology, also it has been written by PHP programing language, while Shopify is closed-source and is written by a coding language called Liquid. Open source means you can access the source code and it can be modified by anyone, while closed-source code can’t be.


As you know for most of the people who are looking to set up an online store, the budget is too important. Magento as an open-source technology is free.

Magento is always available for everyone to download and install without any budget. Shopify is not free, which means the users have to pay a monthly subscription fee to access the Shopify software.


Magento is a self-hosted and free solution, you don’t need to pay money for using Magento’s hosting. While Shopify is hosted by a company. If you want to have a successful online store, having good hosting is essential for you. Hosting can increase the speed of your site. With Magento, you can choose the hosting solution proportional to your needs.

Which companies do use these two eCommerce platforms?

Although Magento and Shopify have some differences from each other, both of them are popular with some big companies such as:


  • Nike
  • Olympus
  • Harvey Nichols
  • Hermès
  • Liverpool FC


  • The New York Times
  • Rebecca Minkoff
  • Herschel
  • Heinz
  • BBC


Let’s take a look at Magento vs Shopify. In most cases, Magento and Shopify are similar together, although there are completely differences between them. For example, Magento is the most popular among all eCommerce platforms, on the other hand, Shopify is the best eCommerce platform in the market. Magento is the best platform for big and small businesses.

Magento is free, while if you want to use Shopify for your business you have to pay a monthly fee. Magento has historically been the most popular platform for eCommerce stores.

However, Shopify has seen a surge in use over the last few years. Magento uses PHP, while Shopify uses a coding language called Liquid. Magento is open-source, while Shopify is closed source.

Shopify is easier to use than Magento. Magento is more flexible than Shopify. Shopify has a wider and cheaper range of themes than Magento.